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July 02, 2003

Well, I'm glad I switched over to LiveJournal. This new interface is bizarre.

June 16, 2003

I've got a LiveJournal now. Will keep this account open, awaiting the moment when LJ makes me mad and I come crawling back to Blogger. But it might be awhile. A loooong while.

May 31, 2003

Well, FINE.

So now the Blogshares bot finally finds my blog, just when it pissed me off and I decided to break up with it.

Well, something will have to be done.

May 30, 2003

Well, that was interesting.

The tornado sirens went off earlier. Or are they for any kind of severe weather? I dunno, I'm not from here, I'm from a place where you have at least a week to prepare for severe weather. Anyway, we grabbed the kid and headed for the basement. And if we're ever going to be in the basement for a storm, well, we really need to clean it. It was a little kiddie minefield down there.

All seems quiet now, but that was pretty scary.

May 29, 2003


My good friend Jack has a link on his site to a very interesting article about how the recappers over at Television Without Pity have gotten waaaaaaay too big for their britches. This article was a long time coming, if you ask me. I used to have TWoP bookmarked, and I'd visit every day, mostly to read about Buffy. But over time, the tone of the reviews changed from funny to bitter and nasty, and for the most part undeservedly so. Contrast the Buffy reviews with the X-Files recaps, which, though just as disapproving, spewed far less bile. And I won't even get into the recaps of West Wing, where the recapper feels the need to insert her objection to Aaron Sorkin's even alluding to the possibility that there might be, somewhere on this earth, an Islamic fundamentalist who wants to do harm to Americans, into every. single. recap.

One of the things the article does not mention, though, is the degree to which dissent has been stifled on the message boards. Once they were a place to discuss the merits (or lack thereof) of the shows freely, and with humor. Now it seems that only the recapper's flunkies are welcome to post. Everyone else is shouted down, or whatever the version of shouted down in print is. I never participated in the boards for just that reason--I had enough of that cliquish shit in high school.

So it was with not all that much sadness that I deleted my TWoP bookmark a couple of months ago, when I realized that not only had I not visited the site in ages, but I actively did not want to. Did I think this last season of Buffy was great? No, I did not. But I looked to other groups, who have managed to maintain a level of intelligence and maturity, to discuss the issue. And these groups contain several BNFs who haven't gotten the "I'm so clever" disease, btw.

So, every time I try to update, I get an error message from Blogger saying that there's something wrong with the code I have. Which I can only take to mean that one of my links is screwy, even though I know they aren't.

So I go to check my template, and where the code should be is a BIG. BLANK. SPACE. I couldn't change the code because there IS no code!

And I can't ask Blogger about this, since they won't answer questions from lowly little free blogspot users like me, oh, no. I have to PAY to have them deal with this? I don't think so.

So it's yet another template change, and once again all my links are kaput. I've disabled comments as well to see if that is the problem. Hell, no one reads this who doesn't know me anyway, so what the hell. Anyway, as soon as I have some spare time (yeah, right), I'm going to look into moving this thing somewhere else, or maybe just getting a LiveJournal instead. Then I could have icons and stuff.

Pissed. v.v. pissed.

May 27, 2003

More of the same. And it is PISSING me off now. That is all.

May 26, 2003

Oh, Frabjous day!

Remember what I wrote about toilet paper? And how Charmin with Aloe lacked the heft of Charmin Ultra, therefore forcing one to make a choice? Well, no more, I say, no more! The good people at Charmin, in their grace and wisdom, now make Charmin Ultra with Aloe and E. I'm telling you, life just doesn't get better than this.

Man, you know you are old and sad when stuff like this gets you excited. It's this and advances in diaper technology that make up my world now, and that's about it. I need to play more computer games or something.